The Turner family has a vision, passion and commitment to conserve and use sustainable methods to preserve their land holdings for future generations to enjoy.

Part of this vision is to construct and operate a six-day hiking experience from Mount Mistake to Spicers Peak Nature Refuge, within and adjacent to the Main Range National Park. The six-day Scenic Rim Trail revisits adventurer, naturalist and tourism pioneer Arthur Groom’s visionary concept from the 1930s and brings to 21st century relevance Groom’s notion of lodges at key access points interspersed with campsites and linked by walking trails, along with his vision to protect the scenic quality of the ranges to the south and west of Brisbane.

The proposed 50km trail will run from Thornton View (owned by the Turner Family) and follow the escarpment of the Caldera through the Turner’s private nature reserve adjoining the Cunningham Highway. Much of the walk will traverse through National Park using a combination of new and existing trails including old forestry roads.

The six-day Scenic Rim Trail is a longer adaptation on their current four and two-day hiking experiences and will take you through more of the beautiful region enabling you to learn more about its beauty, history and diversity. With world-class long-range hiking trails and a high standard of service, this experience will leave you with life-long memories.

It will provide a catalyst for ecotourism in the region and create sustainability-related employment opportunities through maintenance, monitoring and rehabilitation activities, as well as interpretive guides.

Gainsdale PTY LTD, part of the Turner Family office, is working with the Queensland and Commonwealth Government to ensure that activities relating to the Scenic Rim Trail meet or exceed planning approval conditions and community consultation requirements.

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