The Spicers Philosophy

Spicers Retreats offers an exclusive travel experience to a world of breathtaking Australian scenery, attentive service, unique gastronomic delights, refined comfort and relaxed luxury. At the heart of every Spicers experience is a love for the environment and a deep desire to see people experience the wonder of nature in a sustainable way, without sacrificing luxury in the process.

Our commitment to the land means we invest heavily in responsible farming techniques, sourcing ethically and sustainably grown ingredients for our restaurants, and in the rejuvenation of thousands of acres of private nature reserve that our experiences are positioned on. We have kept 90% of our landholdings in their natural and original state, choosing not to develop the land. Our freehold land is managed considerately to create a balance of ecotourism experiences, livestock production and nature conservation.

We feel extremely fortunate to be able to live and work in an environment that provides us with such an abundance of natural treasures. We’ve created the Scenic Rim Trail – By Spicers to help you discover the treasures of the Scenic Rim area, its landscapes, its native flora and fauna and its history.

Limited spaces available, 15% off walks in October & November 2018. Call 13 77 42 to book.
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