The Scenic Rim Trail- By Spicers is proudly part of Great Walks of Australia.

Great Walks of Australia is an exclusive collection of the best premium guided multi-day walks Australia has to offer.  Each of these independently owned and guided walking experiences is unique. Together they cover some of Australia’s most iconic landscapes – from the untamed Tasmanian wilderness to the rugged Victorian coastline; to the volcanic plateaus of Queensland;  the rivers and magnificent outback of South Australia; to the coast of Western Australia and right through to the heart and soul, in the Northern Territory.

Nothing clears the mind and sparks the senses like spending time in nature. Taking a guided walk with Great Walks of Australia means enjoying the tranquility, beauty and drama of nature with guides who know the land, are committed to your safety, and the enjoyment of your experience.

The operators of each walk endeavour to leave you feeling revived and renewed in body and soul by providing some creature comforts to make your journey a comfortable and relaxing one. All meals are provided with the highest quality produce and care from a dedicated crew. All carry packs are light and easy to walk with, and your guides are always there to help, whatever the need may be.


Limited spaces available, 15% off walks in October & November 2018. Call 13 77 42 to book.
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